《暗黑破坏神3》GC 2008 Jay Wilson与Eurogamer的会谈记录

翻译:charliell @ 游侠

Eurogamer: You\’ve come fairly recently from outside Blizzard to work on a quintessential Blizzard game. Is that intimidating?
Jay Wilson:  Yes, it was very intimidating. It\’s funny, when I first arrived, they had somebody they were trying to hire and he was really nervous about it, he wasn\’t sure if he was good enough to be working at Blizzard. And they were like: if we\’re trying to hire him, of course he\’s good enough. If you knew their interview process you would know that he must be.
       For me, when I first interviewed with Blizzard, I was just trying to get information about how Blizzard worked. I wasn\’t actually trying to get a job, because I didn\’t think they would hire me. So yeah, it was intimidating to come in and work there and take over something like Diablo which is so precious to me. On the other hand, I would have hated to see somebody else take it over and not do it right, or I would have hated to see it not get made. So it felt like this weird sense of, almost, responsibility – like I needed to go do it because maybe somebody else wouldn\’t.


Eurogamer: 你不久前才来到暴雪开发这样一个经典的游戏,你有压力么?
Jay Wilson:  当然,压力非常大。我第一次到暴雪的时候碰到了一件有趣的事,他们正在面试一个应聘者。这个应聘者很紧张,他不确定自己是否足够优秀从而能够在暴雪工作。而面试官给我的感觉是:如果我们雇用了他,那么他当然是非常优秀的。如果你知道面试的过程,你就会明白的确是那样。



Eurogamer: You\’re a fan of the Diablo games?
Jay Wilson:  As my wife likes to joke, Diablo was always said in hushed tones in my house. I remember seeing the first ad for Diablo on the back of the Warcraft II CD and thinking \’what is that?\’, and wanting to play it so bad. I was at day one for Diablo and Diablo II and [Diablo II expansion] Lord of Destruction, and I took days off of work for each one of them. At this point I think I\’ve taken pretty much every class to Hell difficulty in Diablo II, and a few of them I\’ve capped out. I only did one Hardcore character and I lost her, it was a Sorceress. I was grieving. Couldn\’t do it again, it was so painful.


Eurogamer: 你是暗黑系列的粉丝么?
Jay Wilson:  我妻子经常开玩笑说,在家里我总是以温柔的语气讨论暗黑。我记得第一次在魔兽2的CD背面看到了暗黑的广告,我就在想:这是什么游戏?当时我迫不及待地想玩一玩。第一天我先把暗黑、暗黑2和毁灭之王粗略地试玩了一遍,后来又花了不少时间仔细地玩了每个游戏。目前我把暗黑2每个职业都玩到了地狱难度,其中几个职业已通关。我唯一花心血的专家级角色是一个女巫,不过她挂了= =。我很伤心,无法重来让我很痛苦。



Eurogamer: Notwithstanding your affection for them, was there stuff about those games that you wanted to fix?
Jay Wilson:  Uh-huh, yeah, there are a lot of things, and I think a lot of those are evident in what we showed at WWI. I look at the Diablo series as an interesting mix of an action game and a role-playing game; and I felt that as a role-playing game, it really sold itself short. What it did right was the addiction, the drops.
       But as an action game, we really felt that it lacked some things. You have a character class that has endless health, endless resource, they can run faster than almost anything in the world. When you combine speed with endless power and endless health, really, the only way you can challenge that player is to kill them. And you see that with Diablo II – you\’ll be running through the game having a great time and all of a sudden something will walk up and just step on you. That\’s the only time the game ever feels challenging. But that\’s also the time when you\’re most likely to lose the player, with such harsh penalties. So a lot of our focus has been, can we set the game up so that we can have a higher barometer of challenge for the player without making the early game hard?
       So we rein that [health] system in, and having basically a little bit more challenge to recover health means that we don\’t need to make the monsters as grueling – which is a good thing, but also means that a monster that can pin you down or slow you down or trap you in some way is suddenly way more threatening, even if he doesn\’t do as much damage. We\’ve tried to get away from damage as the big scary thing; we\’ve tried to get towards restricted movement, and having a health system that actually plays into placement, where you\’re standing makes a difference. That really opens things up.


Eurogamer: 抛开你对游戏的感情,暗黑系列有哪些地方是你觉得需要改进的?
Jay Wilson:  有很多,其中有些地方在我们WWI的演示中体现得很明显。我认为暗黑系列是动作游戏和角色扮演游戏的一个有趣的结合;一个角色扮演游戏的生命力是短暂的,这类游戏的亮点是容易让人痴迷以及丰富的物品掉落。

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Eurogamer:  I guess this is where the influences you\’ve mentioned from enemy design in Zelda and World of Warcraft come into play…
Jay Wilson:  Or God of War. Games like that are some of my favorite games. It would be far more interesting if we could have a boss monster that wasn\’t just a giant sack of health that deals out ridiculous damage. We\’ve got monsters that drop health at percentages of their damage, we also sometimes spawn monsters that are just there basically to drop health. Even there: if you have a boss that just walks around and hits you, and a bunch of smaller monsters that continually spawn and generate health, that\’s already a far more interesting fight than you ever got in Diablo. And that\’s just the bear minimum of what we can do.
       And then on the role-playing side, we\’ve been focusing on more story. We want people to be able to ignore the story if they want, but we still want there to be a denser story, we want there to be a lot of scripted events that support the story, we want the story to be better formed and more interesting. Plus we want there to be some elements that allow players to feel like they\’re in a role-playing game. I think that one of the differences between Blizzard North and what we sometimes call Blizzard South is that Blizzard South, led by our creative director Chris Metzen, is just a little bit more story-focused. That\’s not a knock, but it can\’t help but be something that gets into the game now, because it\’s also a value that I have.


Eurogamer: 我猜这些设计就是你所提到的从塞尔达传说和